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Private Morocco Tours – Desert Morocco Trip

Private Morocco tours / Private desert tours Founded by a Nomad family, Private Desert Tours has as ultimate goal to share with people all over the world the Nomads culture, the nomadic lifestyle and the real Morocco. With its global team of more than 40 travel passionate persons and more than thousand partner in all Morocco of a very traditional, luxury, authentic and great accommodations and restaurants, Private Desert Tours ( Private Morocco tours / Private desert tours ) ensure that it will offer to your private tour / holiday in Morocco the perfection taste and will make it a unique unforgettable experience in all your life.

As a local, responsible and eco-friendly  Private Morocco tour operator, we offer tailor made and private tours, travel experiences and all kind of adventures (desert and/or mountains) for individuals, groups of friends and for families .

Private Desert Tours offers for travelers everything they will need from the online support to build their tour and/or travel experience, passing by preparing all details and ending by ensuring that the trip will be like or even more than what our valuable travelers imagined before.

Private Desert Tours give you a special invitations to discovering Morocco and the Moroccans lifestyle .

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