€594.00 Location: From Desert Duration: 5 Days

Morocco camel desert trek – On the trail of the Alchemist

In Morocco desert trek, you will travel through some magnificent areas deeper into the Sahara desert, through pristine high dunes of an area that was part of the camel caravan silk trade route, and some beautiful small mountains in the desert.

Morooc desert trek : When Santiago becomes distracted and wants to learn about the Emerald Tablet, the Alchemist redirects him back to conquering the desert. The Alchemist says, ‘Perhaps, if you were in a laboratory of alchemy, this would be the right time to study the best way to understand the Emerald Tablet. But you are in the desert. So immerse yourself in it. The desert will give you an understanding of the world; in fact, anything on the face of the earth will do that. You don’t even have to understand the desert: all you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.’ Santiago makes the most of his journey by focusing on one element at a time.

One of the first lessons Santiago learns in the desert is that it demands silence out of respect for its awesomeness. Santiago realizes immediately that the desert has lessons it can teach him.

Morocco camel desert trek – On the trail of the Alchemist

Trekking in desert Moroco : you will fall in love with the vast spaces, huge dome of blue sky, dunes over 200 meters, star-lit nights, and most importantly, sharing the nomad way of life with our amazing Bedouin cameleers, who have an intrinsic sense about the Sahara. Join us on this journey deep into the untouristed, raw and real Sahara Desert, where nomads travelled during the time of the silk route trade by Morocco desert trekk .

On Morocco desert trek, you will travel through some magnificent areas deeper into the Sahara desert, through pristine high dunes of an area that was part of the camel caravan silk trade route, and some beautiful small mountains in the desert.

From the first day of your trek, you will drive a varying distances  with the camels and Cameleers and begin your trek as Santiago in the Alchemist . Choose to walk or ride ‘your camel’ through the ever changing landscape. As you travel by foot or camel, life slows down as you allow yourself to live in the moment.
You will climb to the top of a dune to a stunning view of the distant dunes surrounding the dune. As well, on top of this dune there is a miniature Marabout, built by an unknown Sufi for meditation and prayer.
Marabout means “saint” and refers to Sufi Muslim teachers associated with the spiritual tradition called a Tariqah (“way”/ “path”). A Marabout may also refer to a tomb (as in this case) of a Marabout, and these special places have become sacred places of spiritual reflection.
A big part of what makes a camel trek unique in this desert trek is sharing time with the Bedouin Cameleers and the experience of the Bedouin life, traveling as nomads do, following the rhythm of the dunes and camels. And especially, in the evenings sitting around the campfire while your delicious meal is being prepared for you. And finally, the magic of the evenings under the blanket of stars, listening to nomads storys and traditional music or dancing by the firelight. (Or bring your own musical instrument for a cultural exchange!)



All our supplies are taken wih us by camel on your trek (no vehicles) with . This enables us to take you deeper into the Sahara .

You will be trekking in desert between 4 – 6 hours a day. You can choose to walk or ride ‘your’ camel (or both ).


4 – 10 people: 490 Euro per person
3 people: 545 Euro per person
2 people: 594 Euro per person
1 person: 854 Euro


Delicious meals prepared for you with fresh local fruits and vegetables.
Bottled water.
Bedding (mattress, blankets, sheet).
A camel available for each of you to ride.
Experienced Bedouin Cameleers (many are also great musicians).
English speaking cultural guide.
Shach (Bedouin headscarf), our gift to you


Flights or transportation to Mhamid (Additional cost)
Personal expenses
Tips (Cameleers, drivers…)


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