€330.00 Location: From Desert Duration: 5 Days

Camels Trekking Desert Morocco

Camels Trekking Desert Morocco is a unique experience for people looking to push themselves to the edge of them limits. You will walk on the path of real nomad people and discover their lifestyle. This can be a great why to reconcile with the wild nature.

Wherever you are in Morocco, we will arrange private transportation to take you to M’hamid El Ghizlane. Your trekking experience will start there. You will take your camel and go with our experienced and professionally friendly desert guides for the adventure of your life.


Camels Trekking desert Morocco 5 days

*The Price Per person

2 Persons

330€ *

3 Persons

320€ *

4 Persons

300€ *

5 Persons or more

280€ *

  • * All Included

Camels Trekking Desert Morocco

  1. 1 Departure from M’hamid at the desert door early in the morning with the camels and their drivers to go and discover arid countryside. A few hours later we will picnic in the shade… After some rest we will carry on until the Marabout’s tombstone of Sidi Naji. Then we will set up the bivouac where we will spend the evening and the night under the stars or under the tents (as you wish, according to the temperature and the season)…
  2. 2 In the morning, after breakfast, we will go and cross the Hamada before reaching the Erg of Ez-Zahar. There, the great dunes have kept their wild and solitary character and they overlook the most beautiful desert of Morocco… At the foot of these dunes, also called howling dunes, we will set up the bivouac so that you will be able to climb to admire the sunset…
  3. 3 Departure from the Erg of Ez-Zahar towards the little dunes of the Erg of Ait ounir where we will set up the third bivouac at night. During this day (ride and picnic), you will have the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of countryside we can find in the desert.
  4. 4 For the second to last day, the caravan will go on at its own pace along the arid plains. We will stop for lunch and the afternoon nap. We will arrive in the late afternoon at the area called Douib. There, we will set up the camp for the last time under the stars…
  5. 5 The last day, we will leave Douib in the direction of Mhamid. We will enjoy a little more the vastness, the silence, and the song of our steps on the sand, such a beautiful melody! Bye for now desert!

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